Needs You’ve got 4 requirements: power, hunger, grooming and enjoyable.

Dates Cinema: 30$ initial cost, afternoon and evening • occasions: there is a 5% possibility that a worker will inform you that there is no longer place, you may either make an effort to convince him or bribe him winning points because of the woman then +5ds, random chat initiated by the girl • Watch movie: if the girl has cinema in her favourites you’ll gain double lp, if the girl has movie in her favourites you’ll gain 1.5 times the lp During the movie you can choose to play with the girl a bit, if your charm + the girl’s lp >63 then you can do all actions, if the girl has trait slutty then +5ds per action Personal opinion: good cheap date for Samantha and Lexi if you’re let in, you can also sneak in gaining 2lp if the girls has the trait: rebel • Buy popcorn: 10$, once per day, if the girl has trait gourmand.

Fancy supper: night, requires fancy clothes • Order on her behalf: if the lady has trait submissive then +1lp,1lp or even you are going to lose -5lp • Eat: +1lp, when your charm as well as the girls lp is high enough: +1lp, random talk initiated by the girl • Pay for both: 100$, in the event that woman has trait: submissive, principal, princess or bad you are going to gain +1lp, otherwise nothing • Put your hand on hers: when your charm therefore the girls lp is sufficient (at the very least 50 together): +1lp, or even -5lp Personal viewpoint: personal favourite for Sasha, additionally beneficial to Audrey.Home: afternoon and night • Chat on settee: random chat initiated by the girl • Watch tv: +1lp • Swim into the pool: (only in springtime or summer time, calls for swimsuit) +1lp • Make some treats: +1lp, random talk initiated by the woman • Enjoy in the system (requires z-box) if woman has trait geek then lp+1, if woman has trait playfull then lp+1, if you don’t lp-1 • Enjoy guitar: (requires ability: electric guitar) lp+1 if girl has trait rebel then lp+2

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