Let me make it clear more about Corazón – “Heart”

Let me make it clear more about Corazón – “Heart”

Listed here is a lyric from the Manu Chao I like you”) song me gustas tú (“:

¿Qué hora son, mi corazón? – “What time is it, my heart?”

Chao is not singing to his cardiac muscles: mi corazón, “my heart”, is yet another method to deal with someone you care about.

Mexican Terms of Endearment

25. Vato – “Guy”

Vato is just a slang that is mexican for “guy”, similar to tío in European Spanish.

26. Mijo/mija – “My Son/My Daughter”

Mijo and mija are contractions of mi hijo/mi hija (“my son/daughter”) they are both endearing terms for a family member you will hear all throughout Central and south usa.

They are sometimes written as m’hijo and m’hija. Coincidentally, the noun mijo additionally means “millet” (a form of cereal.)

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