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The system includes a text-messaging system that alerts men when women use their passports. Guardians can specify when and from which airports women can travel, effectively trapping them in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government has digitized parts of the guardian system, letting Saudi men manage women’s lives online.

Absher is officially published by the Saudi Arabian government’s National Information Center, and has some legitimate purposes — not unlike U.S. Customs requirements that both parents provide authorization for their children to cross borders. The Saudi Interior Ministry said the app is “an essential and direct means” for Saudis to access government services anytime, anywhere.

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One way is through Iqama Number and the other way is Absher Account. You can easily check your iqama status and profession change online. If you have a desire to change the profession then choose your profession cautiously.

  • Hence it is available until the transaction is completed.
  • MOI Absher offers online services where you can do pretty much everything.
  • Over the past week Apple and Google have been criticized for carrying a Saudi government app called Absher that lets men restrict the movements of women under their guardianship.
  • If you have any question about iqama expiry / iqama validity or you want to query iqama expiry then ask us in comments.
  • In 2005, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology created the e-Government Program Yesser with the ministry of finance and the Communications and Information Technology Commission.
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also the exchange driving license having only one chance. once we failed; they said there is next chance after ‘dellah’ felicities over here. Hi, I just arranged an appointment for my wife after registering her through my absher. actually I was stuck in step2 coz I hve asked a few friends and we can’t seem to figure out how to create and account in sdlp site or to log in even So that I can proceed to get the appointment. i have all the requirements but can’t seem to move on with the arabic website.

Jawazat Launches New Electronic Services

She had slipped away from her family during a holiday in Kuwait and boarded a plane for Thailand, but was stopped in the airport. But critics say that Saudi women cannot achieve equality as long as the kingdom maintains its guardianship laws. Saudi officials argue that such restrictions are rooted in their culture and supported by many in the kingdom. A screen grab of the Google Play store where the Absher app is available for download.