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What’s even better is that some hedge trimmers will automatically turn off once you take your finger off of the trigger. For example, some hedge trimmers have rotating grips that allow you to get a more comfortable hold of your hedge trimmer while working at odd angles. Other hedge trimmers make use of soft padding on the handles to avoid triggering the pressure points on your palms. Definitely consider an ergonomic design if you have chronic pain or plan to use your trimmer for hours straight.

Additionally, Worx backs this product with a three-year warranty. The Black & Decker 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer gets our top pick for being a lightweight, reliable, and high-performance option for trimming hedges, shrubs, and bushes. This powerful 40-volt battery-powered trimmer produces a nice and clean trim, and its battery can last up to an hour in between charges. It has two 24-inch blades designed to minimize vibration and cut through branches up to 3/4 inches in diameter. Additionally, the battery charges from zero to full in less than an hour.

How Does The Dewalt 60v Weed Eater Perform?

The body made with great quality of plastic which feels very sturdy in hand. Brio made a sleek design for the trimmer and applied a great sense of color combination. In our opinion, the trimmer has a solid built quality with extreme ingredients. Just detach the comb attachments and brush off the blade to remove debris and make it germ-free. There is a multi-volt charging adapter (110v-220v) with the package to use the USB cord in it to charge the device. So, do not operate the trimmer in wet weather or rinse the blade with water to keep your device well. The display makes the trimmer more attractive while the top trimmers like Philips Multigroom 7000 or Wahl 9818 do not have such kind of function.

I also used A Storage Depot for U-Haul rentals several times in the past and never had any issues. Great and friendly customer service with great communication, I usually don’t like to leave Vioce mails however A Depot returned all calls in very short period. I vacated my unit this week during the Covid pandemic and it was easier vacating then if we’re not in a crisis.

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We compared how heavy the grass trimmers are, as well as if they have an adjustable shaft length for extra, customizable comfort. A dedicated edging position makes it easier to get a precise cut against sidewalks without having to hold your trimmer at an odd, uncomfortable angle. It also has some nice features you won’t find on any other model on this list. The adjustable cutting width allows you to choose whether to save battery power or quickly breeze over your lawn. The variable speed is also another nice feature that allows you to choose how to trim.

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  • Usually, the lubricant has either dried up, or more likely, it has become dusty or gritty, and the parts aren’t moving the way they should.
  • But if you don’t have a drilling stone you can use a flat-file for sharpening.

Corporate relocation companies specialize in moving entire businesses. They can move a large number of belongings, and they have relatively quick turnaround times to make sure the company being moved is back up and running as soon as possible.


Free users get a mere 5GB of storage, although it’s relatively inexpensive to increase this to 100GB. IceDrive subscription plans are nicely priced, and you can get the Lite tier which offers 150GB of storage for as little as $20 for a year ($1.67 per month). A Pro+ plan with 5TB capacity comes out at $15 per month, and lifetime plan options could work out as superb value, running from $59 to $499. IceDrive may only have been in the cloud storage business for a couple of years, but the firm offers a compelling solution, and one that’s rather different to the traditional cloud locker. Note that as of August 2020, pCloud now allows its users to choose where they want their data to be stored, either in the EU or US.